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Cable driven target system with AR500 ballistic front plates angled to deflect any round that should hit it.

No down rigger with target clamp to damage.

Target rotation 360° for shoot no shoot decision training.

Randomized edging to stop shooter anticipation.

4 Levels of white LED light and 4 strobe LED patterns.

20 default training scenarios

Integrates with other range equipment and some 3rd party equipment, HVAC, range lighting, audio, intercom, range safety lights and other safety equipment can all be integrated to give a “Total Automated Range Integrated Solution”

Control includes:

  • Basic Control
  • Manual Control
  • Time Drill
  • Random Drill
  • Scenario

Assistance/ Help button to alert an RSO of an issue in the lane without the shooter having to leave the booth.

Time lane management. (Optional) Showing the shooter how much time is left, with 3 warnings at 5 mins, 2 mins and 10 seconds. Before the lane shuts down and return the target to the home position.

  • One touch to move the target carrier.
  • 6 programmable pre-set positions including “Home” and “Maximum Distance”.
  • -/+ Jog buttons for shooters to move the target to any position.

  • Press the numeric displays to enter the distance and time required to move and turn the target.


Press the numeric displays to enter the distance and time required to move and turn the target.

When the start button is pressed the target will move to the required position and perform the requested drill, and will return to the home position when the drill is complete.

Press the “short/ long” push button to select the target to move to a random position. Press the numeric display to enter the time required to turn the target. The target will turn to a shoot or no shoot position randomly.
When the start button is pressed, the target will move to an unknown position and each target exposure is random.
When the drill is complete the target return to the home position.

There are 20 default training scenarios. Each of the default training scenarios has a brief description of the objective, type of target to use and the number of shots to shoot every time the target exposes.