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About us

Who we are

A company formed in 2016 with a group of people with over 50 years+ in the target training business. That experience was gained working for the market leader in target training systems. We were brought up on the need for attention to detail and to respond to customer’s needs.

We have recognized issues on previous target systems we have made in the past and improved on trusted designs.

We have spent time designing and manufacturing our equipment, to make sure our customers have a robust, reliable, easy to maintain and easy to use target training system.

Our service response is second to none. If you have an issue, you will converse with someone, either via phone or email who has built the equipment. 95% of customer issues are resolved via phone or email. We stock all parts and can expedite shipping next day if needed (North America only) to reduce down time.

What we are not

A marketing driven company, owned by shareholders who only care about the bottom line.

A company that: 

  • will just sell equipment and forget about you, once the install is complete.
  • makes promises and does not deliver.
  • has a service department who has no idea of the product and never calls you back.

Market firsts

We are the first target training system manufacturer to:

  • Have a totally upgradable system from non-turning to turning on the same platform.
  • Mix and match non-turning and turning systems in the same range and be controlled from 1 master control.
  • Designed a target carrier without a downrigger and clamp. (This is the most damaged part on other systems)
  • All our systems are electrical safety inspected and comply with UL, CSA and CE standards.
  • Offer a 5 year warranty. We stand by our design and craftsmanship.

We continue to develop and design new products and equipment that can “plug and play” with our existing equipment.

We can customize our equipment to display your name, logo or design.