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CR-2 Control System

The CR2 platform control system is powered by an industry leader in industrial automation.

Robust and reliability are the 2 main features required in any control system. We believe we have this and stand by this with a 3 year warranty.

This industry is one of the harshest environments for any control system, in particularly the target control screen mounted in the stall or booth. Not only does the screen have to handle lead dust and airborne chemicals, but also more importantly the sound repercussion or sonic boom when a shot is fired. Commercially available hand held devices like tables were not made for this and do not last long in this environment. Although tablet devices are usually cheaper than an industrial control screen, having to replace them a couple of times a year soon adds up.

The reliability of these devices is also an issue. Having to press a button 3 or 4 times on a cell phone or tablet may be acceptable for some applications, on a target control system it is not. Using an industrial screen with an industrial processor ensures every time a button is pressed the target will react.

Tablet device are, susceptible to updates. Some updates can affect and even wipe out 3rdparty software. This could prove very costly with lane down time and tech visits….